Any girls into guys that wear panties

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Thank you for posting your question here : I find it very enlightening as this is new to me, and though I find it exciting that he does this I tend become aroused by most things taboo, especially experimentation with gender roles I still need to sort out some of my thoughts and worries about it, as I've never before experienced this, and you've definitely helped! But god dammit in many ways he's my perfect sexual partner, why should I worry, I should just appreciate my luck! I wouldn't worry about others accepting it.

As long as you and your partner are accepting of it and doit then there is nothing wrong with it. Others do not need to know what you do in the bedroom or in the privacy of your own home. But just sometimes its kinky to wear them out and only you and Any girls into guys that wear panties knows I am a 39 year old guy and have been wearing panties full time for about the last 16 years. At first I will admit it was strictly a sexual fetish thing.

However, as time progressed, I realized something. On top of that, there are many more fabric, styles, and colors to choose from! Plus, because women's underwear is generally not as bulky as men's underwear, they take up a lot less room in a suitcase or in a dresser drawer. I also wear women's lingerie as well.

I personally feel there is nothing wrong with it. I am also straight. I have a few lady friends that know of this and they are perfectly accepting. There is also a whole forum dedicated to men who wear panties and such. This is the world's biggest misconception. I hope you will embrace your man for who he is and go with it! Good Luck!!! Ok here's my take on it as i think that I am one of the people that you are refering to about wearing panties for comfort and not a sexual thing. Every guy that wears panties does so for their own personal reasons.

It's really no one business what a man wears or doesn't wear. No laws are being broken and No one is being hurt. People in general don't like anything thats not right down the center line. If someone drifts a little left or right of center right alway some mouth is there to argue right and wrong.

In the act of wearing panties for whatever reason as far as im concerned this No right or wrong. It is what it is a man wearing panties and no one should give a shit why we do. I recieved a very severe groin to the point i almost lost all my junk. I fell and got impaled on a fence post and all but ripped everything off. While in the hospital a couple months later for some more fix it work down there i got talking with an older nurse about how much pain i was in and that it hurt to much to even wear underwear but hurt just as much not to.

The next night she came into my room with a bag of all different kinds of silky panties. She explained that the lighter fabrics and different styles might help relieve pressure and pain. She asked me if I was man enough to give it a try.

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After him hauling around i agreed. After sge left i stared trying on different ones. The ones that felt the best were the silky bikinis. I started wearing them and noticed that things didn't jiggle and hang or hurt as bad. As i was healing i kept wearing the panties. Bought a bunch of plain jane no frills no lace solid colored silky bikini panties. I been wearing only panties for over 40 years. Everyday all day. I have never been roughed up if someone happened to notice. I dont wear any Other womens clothes nor do i want to other then maybe pantyhoes or leggings in the winter as i work outside and they are warmer and fit better then longjohns.

I agree. Im a straight male who likes wearing panties, bras, skirts, blouses, dresses, high heels, make up, and wigs. Your boyfriend is lucky to have you. Like I said im a straight guy but I would love it if I met a Girl that can give me fashion advice, teach me how to do my make up, and give me the courage to Any girls into guys that wear panties my panties daily. And maybe a bra as well if i can keep it discrete.

Hi Jess I love wearing panties. My favorite are thongs. They are the most confortable and sexy thing. No matter the lace, sexy ribbons or pink color. I love wearing them. He didn't wear them to be funny. He wore them because it was an excuse to be funny. Im a guy who is straight but loves wearing panties, bras, make up, and other girly girl clothes. Nothing to be ashamed of. I love getting girly. Im not gay although at times I wish I was so I can dress up all girly at times. Yeah it doesn't seem very girly on his body. It's hard to explain. Plus they make his butt look good.

This is a good suggestion. I've been playing in panties with my wife for about 6 months now. She pulls them aside and teases around my hole, because she sees how much pleasure it gives. But, hasn't taken the"plunge" to go inside yet. She's getting bolder, and I encourage her, by my responses. If your boyfriend has experimented with anal play, he will be open, maybe eager, for this. If not, then go slow. Back on topic of panties, when I wear them to work, I do feel strangely, closer to my wife. I'm glad I make sense to someone.

Half the time I don't even understand what I'm trying to say! Thanks for such a great honest answer! Perhaps try slipping on her panties one morning not yours, it may be too much for her all at once to know you're buying your own at let her catch you in them. Tell her you think her panties were hot and wondered what they felt like on. This will give you a good situation to gauge her reaction, if she takes it well, ease her into it, if she doesn't, keep it your own naughty secret.

Well I've actually met some closed minded gay people too, lol. Some say bisexuality doesn't exist, some would tell me that my panty wearing boyfriend has "gay" tendencies. I'm into nice eyes, and a nice ass.

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I'm getting flustered just thinking about it. Try the candy underwear thong on him. EddyMetal, I thought that too at first, but I checked his profile and it must be some sort of extremely elaborate charade. No offense, Ricktack.

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It's just because of the comments I've gotten here about "thats sooo ghey" blah blah blah I was sensitive to sarcasm. I know what I am and I'm accepting of it. I'm just very open about my sexuality, if that offends people then I'll refrain from sharing, I just thought I would share my point of view and personnal experiance. I answered your question but I guess you didn't want to hear my honest opinion and experience, also, why would someone fake being homosexual? I don't know why someone would do that, but I am grateful for your answer, you misunderstood my intention.

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How is that "gay"? Do you know what gay means? Let me tell you it has nothing to do with clothing choices and a lot more to do with partner choices. No sorry a man that wears panties most likely has some homo tendencies. I think you are referring to maybe being transgendered or transvestite or something, which still does not mean sexual preference. Cross-dressers can be be gay, bisexual or straight, like women, men, or both just like anyone else.

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And my boyfriend is either straight or bi, but he definitely likes women and hey that's cool with me. I find experimenting with gender roles fun, I'd love to get a strap but my guy isn't really into the rear entry thing. Oh well. Well, if you can get him into panties, maybe you can "train" him All in fun, of course! How would it bother you, would it be because it's different, and you'd get freaked out? If you haven't tried it then how would you know. Are you scared that if you tried it you might like it? Probable that this is the case.

I agree with you about men's underwear being uncomfortable since most are made with cotton and also boring. Sometimes they're nice and soft, and don't squeeze anything. You should try it one day. Avoid lace though, it's itchy no matter who's wearing them. Sexual Health.

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My boyfriend tries on my panties sometimes, it turns him on, I gave him a couple sexy pairs that didn't fit well because I think it's hot. So guys, do you do this? If so, explain why you do, especially you straight guys. Girls, would you mind if your boyfriend did this?

If anyone has any better insights than "weird" it would be appreciated. Share Facebook.

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Straight guys who like to wear girls underwear, turn off or turn on for girls?