Beautiful couples ready dating Tallahassee

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While there might be a bit of drama in the middle, we know any misunderstandings or obstacles will be overcome and love will triumph in the end. Local couples share their how-we-met stories filled with love, laughter — and perhaps a film-worthy fillip of whimsy. He was funny, and he always smelled so good. David was pretty much oblivious.

He moved. She moved.

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She moved back. Both got divorced.

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David was a general manager for Dade Paper, living in Annapolis, Maryland. Both were on Facebook and, because of their Tallahassee and synagogue connection, had common online friends. For several months, it languished in the cloud. The chemistry was immediate; messages flew back and forth on every communication platform.

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After a week, he sent an asking if he could fly into town and take her on a date — with an addendum listing possible weekends for a visit. They planned to meet at Sage restaurant. Just boom! Chemistry was there, it turns out. The pair has agreed to visit each other at least once a month and take stock of whether their relationship will be a forever thing in a year or so.

Whatever I say that I think is all witty and funny, he tops me every time. Until I finally got it gloriously, spectacularly right. Chasity Phillips says she was attracted to her husband, Brent, even before he flashed his Seminole tattoo at a wedding. Photo by Lydia Warren Photography. It was May 31, And man, was she glad she decided to go stag. He was in his tux. But it was just the way he was shaking hands and interacting with people.

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It caught my attention. At the time, it seemed like the Seminole logo-head strategically tattooed on his upper thigh was the perfect icebreaker. Feeling a little less daring the next day, it took a month and a half for Brent to ask Chasity on a date, which was chaperoned by two other couples — their newly wedded friends included. Chasity and Brent married on Nov. In true Seminole fashion, the reception was held at the then-recently opened University Center Club. Sixteen years later and with two growing boys, Brent is still making Chasity laugh every day.

Photo by Red Fly Studio. Young love can be an exciting whirlwind of emotions. But Bryan and Kelly Honhart knew from the very start that their story was going to be much, much more than just a summer fling. It was late in the summer ofso the story goes, when Bryan, then 24, was on tour with his hardcore Christian rock band. The group had a pit stop in Tallahassee between shows in New York and California.

Kelly, coincidentally, was undergoing the same sort of Cupid-inspired coaxing. She was a doe-eyed 21 at the time.

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He left the band and the pair was engaged in June Their secret to happiness? A constant flow of communication and support, with a whole lot of laughs sprinkled in along the way. I walked up to him and introduced myself and found out we were both landscapers!

We LOVE Tallahassee, love what we do, love to travel and never seem to get sick of each other, even though we work together! Then, he started coming in every other day to ship something. Not only did he win me over but I think he solely kept my business open for as long as it was! I was new, and she was the only one nice enough to offer to be my lab partner. Seventeen years together, 16 since our commitment ceremony, and a year and a half of registered domestic partnership!

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He claimed he had to interview a stranger to write a paper for English class. Fifteen years later I have no idea if it was true or not. He never did take out a notebook and write anything down though!

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Fifty of our close family and friends were there to witness the event and share in the excitement by celebrating with a cookout for all. up to receive the latest Tallahassee Magazine offers, stories and event invitations directly to your inbox. Local Love Stories and How They All Began Just in time for the day dedicated to love, local couples reminisce about how their relationships got started — in the most amusing ways.

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Beautiful couples ready dating Tallahassee

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