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Berkeley International is an exclusive bespoke introduction agency that introduces elite singles to each other. We have offices globally; our services are wonderfully personal and discreet. Sixteen years Berkeley International was born; because nothing beats the personal touch.

I was a hotelier, have a degree in psychology plus LLM, so you can definitely say that people and how they work has always been hugely attractive to me. This chat is really important because not everyone who applies is suitable. We begin by listening to you and what you need, and working out which level of service best suits you. The initial meetings have to be largely about you, the better we know you, the better we can match you.

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This depends entirely on the individual. You have to remember that our service is tailored to individual need, so everyone feels supported and any preparation is on-going, throughout the entire journey with us. Our advice is to either make the time, or to be proactive and let an agency take control of the details. And if you need a partner that is flexible enough to travel with you, we can Berkeleys london dating sure those are the type of matches you meet.

We have people who are constantly in the limelight who love to privately dine somewhere off-grid, and others who would rather fly to NYC and leave the capital behind entirely. Horses for courses. A fail-proof date comes from listening to the needs of your match and planning accordingly. We had a gentleman come in last year who was so incredibly set on the type of woman he wanted, literally down to her shoe size and the of siblings she had. Anyway, I asked him to trust us and just go for coffee with our wild card choice. Those are the matches that have us doing high-fives in the office.

For PR enquiries, please hello victoriaforbesevents. Local Hotels. Out of Town. Get in Touch. Mar 8. Victoria Forbes-Watson. Women in BusinessMayfair BusinessInterviews. Can you tell us a little about Berkeley International? What is it that you provide? What inspired you to create Berkeley International? What were you doing before you were professionally match making? What types of people are ing up? Can you talk us through the initial ing process?

Dating can be daunting in the age of speedy digital progression and Berkeleys london dating. How does the Berkeley International team help to prepare clients for meetings with a prospective match? What advice do you have for those struggling to meet someone because they are frequently travelling on business?

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No pressure here Do you have any exciting, romantic success stories you can tell us? How would you describe Berkeley International in just three words?

Berkeleys london dating

email: [email protected] - phone:(203) 555-9180 x 8544

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