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Sexual violence is notoriously difficult to measure, and there is no single source of data that provides a complete picture of the crime. Based on those interviews, the study provides estimates of the total of crimes, including those that were not reported to police.

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While NCVS has a of limitations most importantly, children under age 12 are not includedoverall, it is the most reliable source of crime statistics in the U. We have also relied on other Justice Department studies, as well as data from the Department of Health and Human Services and other government and academic sources.

When assembling these statistics, we have generally retained the wording used by the authors. Statistics are presented for educational purposes only. Each statistic includes a footnote citation for the original source, where you can find information about the methodology and a definition of terms. En Espanol Obtenga Ayuda?

Que es la Linea de Ayuda?

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Que es la Sala de Ayuda? Campus Sexual Violence: Statistics. National Crime Victimization Survey, ; ii.

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Keith, survivor. Search for support in your local community from more than 1, local sexual assault service providers.

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Search All Providers. Donate Now.

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