Ff wanting a fwb

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New posts. Latest activity. Install the app. Thread starter SCulpepper Start date Jan 22, You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. ed Sep 3, Messages 1, Reactions 4, 2 2 AlleybuxSo, I was having a convo recently with a friend about friends with benefits and she said it wasn't possible for two women to maintain a friendship while partaking in a little debauchery on the side together.

She said that feelings and emotions would always get involved. I disagreed. I just wanted to hear what y'all thought. Also, would you even want a friend with benefits or would that be too emotionally boring for you?? ed Aug 2, Messages Ff wanting a fwb, Reactions 24, Alleybux , It's possible. Usually, someone is just more emotionally invested. ed May 6, Messages 1, Reactions 26, Alleybux 34, Not for me. Honestly the more I see the same woman more feelings of attraction disappear and they become only friends in my head.

So friends with benefits thing is for men only for me. ed Dec 29, Messages 1, Reactions 4, 45 28 Alleybux 23, Anything is possible, I guess.

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I just always found the concept of friends with benefits to be something that is, for lack of a better description, completely male identified. To me, it would only happen in lesbian "relationships" that have a strong masculine, feminine dynamic. Feelings are always involved, regardless of the pairing and how much someone doesn't want to admit it. And no, no FWB for me. Its stupid shit I tried when I was younger and I absolutely hated it and my self while doing it. I don't like sharing my body with someone I'm not on the same with.

ed Feb 12, Messages 26 Reactions 65 Alleybux 19, I find other lesbians to be very prudish about these things. ed Jan 28, Messages 4, Reactions 55, Alleybux 68, Yes but rarely. I can find someone attractive and want to exchange orgasms without desiring a romantic connection, but I know that this is rare.

Then again, I have a high libido for a woman, and the less Ff wanting a fwb handful of women I've done this with have also had high libidos. ed Jul 10, Messages 67 Reactions Alleybux 18, Yes, but as with a lot of things it depends on the individual.

Gummi Bear. ed Mar 18, Messages Reactions 21 3 Alleybux 59, One of them I'm still friends with, lost touch with the first one over the years or we would still likely be friends as well. ed Nov 15, Messages Reactions 7, 3 AlleybuxDefinitely, there are lo of women who simply want the physical connection without the relationship.

In fact I find that FF tend to keep the fwb rule more than men, in a MF, who end up getting a little attached.

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Not the other way around. ed Dec 27, Messages 2, Reactions 20, Alleybux 33, Lol imo no! ed Nov 9, Messages 4, Reactions 15, Alleybux 6, Even if neither wants more, that will change eventually. Are you still going to be friends? More potential for fuckery.

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Last edited: Jan 22, ed Apr 10, Messages 8, Reactions 31, 2, 1, AlleybuxI cant do it I get very jealous and clingy so I am told. Preme Team. ed Jun 21, Messages 34, Reactions 86, 3, Alleybux 33, I dont want a FWB. ed Feb 5, Messages 13, Reactions 35, Alleybux 68, And I mainly lean toward no. Long answer: I could do it. But it depends on the situations. I can only be intimate with people I find attractive.

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So I know ima get pissed sooner or later lol. Everybody single, ok cool. Fuck off. If they wind up wanting to be with someone other than me ima be like wtf?!?! And be mad tbh lol like u picking whoever over me? Girl bye. With the quickness too lol. LegalizeRanch said:. Click to expand Gummi Bear said:.

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ed Nov 24, Messages Reactions 7, 28 Alleybux 46, I'm wondering if lesbians are less likely to have fwb than bi women. Sarthee said:. Angela Raine. ed Mar 9, Messages 7, Reactions 95, 2, 2, Alleybux 7, Not at all, unless we were together and broke up but remained friends.

Ff wanting a fwb

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