Fuck in wilkes Lewisburg

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User Name Remember Me? Password Forgot Password? You are: Looking for now Looking for later Not looking Not a member? Register for free! Your post will have a delay in publication. Show 30 30 40 50 listings, ordered by city newest last edited title rating comments category ascending descending Sort. Remember Me? Forgot Password? Looking for now Looking for later Not looking. Not a member? I was cruising late fall and the place was swarming with cops. There was no action. The cops patrolled whe Posted Dec 10 The action here is hit-or-miss, but when it's good, it's usually great.

You have to be cautious of undercover cops, especially in the summer, so use your head. However, it is a big park with Just follow the trails to the east of the BMX bike course. The parking area along these can be cruisy too, but be careful. There are a lot of Most Recent Reviews Read all reviews and add your own, pictures, etc.

Most Recent Reviews Posted Apr 13 I've found very hot guys there from 3 till 5, mostly straight guys on there way home from work, looking for a blowjob.

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There is occasional action at the food court toilets, but there is heavy traffic. A good place at this location is probably by the toilets on the main level, under Aunt Annie's A thorough renovation has taken away every advantage the place had and the cruising has stopped. They removed one stall and now there are just two.

I went in and a guy was in one stall. He motioned for me to put my cock under the stall, Late nights are the best time to hook up, especially on weekends. They only have one par I live right across the street.

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I will be checking for the action. Love to service and swallow. Plenty of other people were hooking up in the same general area. I have also gotten lucky several times Fort Washington. The entrance is on the right. Most Recent Reviews Posted Aug 20 Ths place has the potential to be a great place for lunch-time dick.

Three Fuck in wilkes Lewisburg and woods to fuck around in. More boys should cruise around! There is an undercover cop working in the park. He is middle aged and driving a black Dodge with darkened windows. The area is also patrolled frequently by a ranger. They also walk ar Read all reviews and add your own, pictures, etc. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jul 30 I was servicing an old friend in the Laurel Lake parking lot and a park ranger drove by our car, staring at us the whole time.

He circled around the parking lot 3 or 4 times, so we finished up quickl Garnet Valley. The camp is just three miles off I at exit Turn right at the exit. Most Recent Reviews Posted Aug 12 Met a trucker pulled over in Gibson and we sucked each other off in his truck. Fucking hot! Great action and friendly people! Call ahead for a site.

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I hooked up with this cute 25 year-old with one of the bigges, thickest dicks I have ever seen. Damn did that feel good! Plus if It's also a good place for a safe hookup during the week.

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It has more than two hundred and fifty camping site -- one that will house about eighty tents -- with modern facilities. In-ground pool, re It is kind of a hit and miss place but when it hits, it is great!!! Stay clear or be extremely careful. Posted Sep 27 There was a guy there tonight in blue shorts. He had the smoothest dick I ever felt. I ended up getting two blowjobs that were very hot. The guys were in the armed forces. One was older in good shape, and the other was younger and in grea Go to the second stall from the end if you see the last stall occupied. Tap your foot, and when you get theslip your cock under the stall wall.

Continue on Route south about a mile and a half. The parking area will be on the right side. I have recently met some mega hotties, both male and even a willing female walking her Fuck in wilkes Lewisburg. A short walk into the trails provides adequate privacy and seclusion to get th I've had great fun with several hikers, a couple bikers, and even Fuck in wilkes Lewisburg tremendous Just keep a sharp eye out for the rangers.

They're easy to spot anymore in their marked vehicles; mostly I suspect it has been the same guy writing these comments. Save yourself some time and gas and don't bother coming here. I go here and have never seen action. Not too many younger guys out here but there a few older guys that go out and give some amazing head.

I have heard of guys getting in trouble out there but that is mostly There were three cars with guys hanging out in them, all middle-aged guys. I hung out for awhile. The cars pulled out and I sat in my car alone. Then a constructio One is on Route and one is at the boat launch. There was a hole between the stalls at the boat launch the last time I was there. It's big enough to see what's there, They followed me into the woods the other day so watch out! Things used to be good here. I now think some of the me I would like to know please. Sometimes it's pretty low key, but on weekends it's busiest and easiest to cruise the bar and restrooms.

Bear right and drive through the cattle chutes towards PennDOT. At PennDOT, follow the river go straight until you hit the gate and park in the gravel parking lot. Trail directions and map at web site. Most Recent Reviews Posted Apr 21 Though there often are the older "trolls" lurking, there are plenty of trails, paths, and secluded areas to explore and find quick fun with guys if the weather is nice. Just the old parking are is blocked by a bar gate. Best time is lunch or after Barriers have been put up so you can no lnger drive in there.

They had been cracking down here lately and this is the final straw. Lots of times, it's just older white guys, though sometimes there are black or Hispanic guys who cross the footbridge over the Amtrak line. Construction has recently blocked off one

Fuck in wilkes Lewisburg

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