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Melissa Bean. Betsy Bohlen. Debra Cafaro. Mary Dillon. Mellody Hobson. Holly Hunt. Janet Foutty. Jeanne Gang. Sally Grimes. Linda Myers. Anne Pramaggiore. Penny Pritzker. Diana Mendley Rauner. Jennifer Scanlon. Christine Schyvinck. Zaldwaynaka 'Z' Scott. Goli Sheikholeslami. Jennifer Sherman. Joanne Smith. Julia Stasch.

Karen Sauder. Paula Steiner. Pallavi Verma. Donna Zarcone. Andrea Zopp. Chicago has a pack of powerful women. This special report demonstrates their achievements across industries. They've seized their opportunities, plunged ahead with their ventures and cultivated communities supportive of others—regardless of barriers in their way. To see how women are faring in the C-suite. Eager to please her mother and find financial security, she aimed high. A graduate of St. With help from former U. Bill Bradley, a fellow Princeton alum, Rogers persuaded Hobson to attend the university.

Later she landed at his young Chicago investment firm in for a summer internship.

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Poised and glamorously stylish, Hobson plays well to an audience. They married at his California ranch in To celebrate in Chicago, they leased Promontory Point for a party headlined by Prince. Chicago has loved her back. She admits that she has a harder edge than her mother did. Pritzker and his wife, M. A native of New York City, she has been president of Ounce since and first lady of Illinois since Interview condensed and edited. They were hands-on volunteers.

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I saw their effectiveness. I am the first lady of Illinois, so I have a little more entree to some offices than other people do. That was a wonderful opportunity to use every asset I have to do something that is critically important for the well-being of children and families across the country. In I became board chair at National Louis University. That was my first understanding of the use and misuse of power. Behind those headline-worthy s sits another impressive stat: Ulta employs 30, people—92 percent of whom possess two X chromosomes.

She had to tweak her approach when her career growth moved her beyond exerting direct control over a profit-and-loss statement into a role that required leading by influence. It's opening in-store Skin Bars, staffed by experts eager to dole out advice and services. On the back end, Ulta continues to invest in artificial intelligence that optimizes inventory, as well as in digital capabilities that churn out personalized customer offers.

She does, however, use her starchitect status to take on Good looking Chicago guy looking for wealthy woman big issues of the day, including gender discrimination and the lack of diversity in her field. In July, Gang wrote an opinion piece in Fast Company magazine about the gender pay gap in architecture.

The studio, now in its 21st year, employs about people. Men and women are represented almost equally. Even so, there was a small pay disparity between the sexes. Gang writes that the firm used an analytical tool created by the British government to discover and correct it. Penny Pritzker has the rare combination of elite corporate and political power. She also has had the rare chance to reinvent herself. She built successful senior-housing and airport-parking ventures through her family's real estate conglomerate, which includes Hyatt.

Inshe launched her own private investment firm, PSP Partners. Then, early in President Barack Obama's second term inshe became U. Since leaving the Cabinet about 18 months ago, she has stepped up her civic involvement. They've already backed projects such as Skills for Chicagoland's Future, which has helped over 5, people find better jobs, and a job-training program at the Hatchery, an incubator for food and beverage companies in East Garfield Park. Here she offers a glimpse into how she's approaching this chapter of her life. As told to John Pletz.

You have somewhat of a blank sheet because you have to re from all the things you were doing before taking a Cabinet position. I decided I wanted to be active in three things: be more present for my family, continue to build businesses, and have a rich civic and philanthropic life.

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I'm more involved in tech, more interested in tech in how to create or grow businesses by embracing new technologies. On philanthropy, Bryan and I sat down and said we're going to do it together and be strategic. We knit together an interesting set of activities.

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What was important to us was to make a difference in our community. I also wanted to be able to build on what I'd learned from my business career and my time in government. It helped me be clearer about what I wanted to do, being exposed in government to the fact that the divide is growing in America.

The ability for people to reach their potential and benefit is becoming harder. You can see within our own city how hard it is. That informed our philanthropic focus. The solutions for that—many of them are local.

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At her first job out of college, Jennifer Scanlon's manager at IBM told her she had the potential to run the company one day. But it planted a seed that I was viewed as a leader. Its main shareholder is none other than Warren Buffett. Scanlon, 51, graduated from the University of Notre Dame in with dual degrees in government and computer applications, then earned her MBA from the University of Chicago's Booth School of Business. After IBM, she worked for a consulting boutique. USG was her favorite client, so much so that her friends dubbed her the "Sheetrock Queen.

Scanlon is "a very strategic thinker," says Ivo Daalder, president of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, where Scanlon sits on the member executive board. Her interest in immigration policy and environmentally sustainable housing—both important issues for a company that supplies the construction industry—underscores her long-term perspective.

With USG unable to confirm whether Scanlon will remain chief executive after the Knauf deal closes inwhere she'll be next year is an open question. Betsy Bohlen, 49, became chief operating officer at the Archdiocese of Chicago inreporting to Cardinal Blase Cupich. A native of Gary, she worked 16 years at management consulting firm McKinsey before leaving to the archdiocese, which serves about 2.

She is heavily involved in Renew My Church, the archdiocese's restructuring initiative in response to a priest shortage. Did you struggle with the decision to leave McKinsey? I had served the archdiocese on a pro bono basis for many years. I had this sense of calling to help the archdiocese, which I thought at the time meant using my volunteer time. Then I took a sabbatical from McKinsey to help the archdiocese for a year, so I think it was an easier transition because I was already here working.

Because in the work we're doing now people come from very many different backgrounds and experiences, misunderstandings can result. So people might think that the businessperson is going to come corporatize the church, when the businessperson really is Good looking Chicago guy looking for wealthy woman to use those skills in the service of the mission of the church.

You have to spend much more time on buy-in building than you might otherwise. It takes longer, but I actually love that challenge. The archdiocese is evaluating which parishes to close and consolidate. Are you the last person who s off before it goes to the cardinal? I'm part of a group of people that would be the last to off before it would go to the cardinal.

We have been very careful to try and make this as consultative as possible.

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So we obviously ask the parishes for their own views of things, about what they think the right options are. There's a group called the executive committee here that evaluates it, but then there's a decision commission made up of laypeople and religious throughout the archdiocese who are also reviewing the recommendation before it goes to the archdiocese. I know that gets a lot of news, the structural configurations, and I think we would describe Renew My Church first and foremost as spiritual renewal.

There's a lot of work that we're beginning around how to think about what a parish—and parish vitality—looks like in the future. Whatever we try to implement, there has to be understanding of it. It has to make sense to people, and there has to be buy-in for it. There has to be some sense that people have input to the process. Trying to actually have impact without people coming along—that absolutely would limit any sense of power.

She absolutely did. A very close priest friend had suggested, early in my tenure, thinking about her and having a special devotion. So that helps frame how I think about my role. Just in terms of some aspiration.

Good looking Chicago guy looking for wealthy woman

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