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This hiker matching service is being paused while social distancing is important for everyone's safety. You probably have if you've struggled to find a compatible hiking partner, one who has the time and the skills to hike the way you want to hike. Or maybe you need to find a new trail buddy because your regular trail companion bails on you more often than not. In just a few minutes you can be ed up and ready to receive notifications of potential hiking buddies. Keep reading to discover how this hiking service can help you find Happy Trails.

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Hike With Me is a fast, easy process for locating a suitable hiking partner. At least that's what Hiking For Her's is saying about why folks are looking for someone to hike with. Then you create a brief personal profile : first name, age, gender, experience level, as well as the location, time and type of hiking you want to do.

Once you create your and personal profile, you will be added to the pool of potential hiking partners. You receive notification when matches Hiking buddy needed up throughout the length of your subscription: one month, three months, or six months. You can view the information any matching hiker submitted, although their identity and contact information is shielded, as is yours.

After that, you're both on your own in terms of meeting and agreeing to hike together. Using your personal dashboard, you can create an ideal hiking partner profile and post it. You can also post a buddy request and mention your specific trail hobbies and preferences. This specificity Hiking buddy needed the likelihood of finding just the right person to hike with you.

You can also delete your information at any time in your dashboard, and just wait for a match to be sent to you. Your information is kept in the database as long as you're subscribed to the Hike With Me service. Once your subscription expires, your information will be deleted from the pool of potential hiking partners.

To search for 2 different hiking partners simultaneously, submit two different forms. You are billed separately and can control the length of your subscription for each. So in the above example, after a few months you would cancel the first subscription and leave your second one in place several months.

There is a fee to handle administrative and technology costs, payable when you submit your request for a hiking partner. The cost of Hike With Me is kept as low as possible while providing an ad free, easy and private experience.

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Hike With Me sifts and sorts the database to locate folks with similar trail goals and interests who also match your description of an ideal trail buddy. The longer you remain in the database, the more likely it is that your ideal trail buddy will appear.

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All fees are collected up front. You will receive notification to renew your subscription before it expires, or to cancel. There are no refunds if you change your mind or want to opt out before the end of your subscription. If you decide to withdraw your name from the database before the end of your subscription, send an with the subject line " Hike With Me " here. Hiking For Her is not responsible for anything that happens once you contact your potential hiking partner.

When you discover a profile of a potential hiking partner who seems to line up with your plans, do your own due diligence. The size of the "hiker pool" at the time you enter it will determine how many potential hiking partners you may find. It can take time for all of the variables to line up: location, gender, age range, time frame and type of hiking. The goal is to locate an ideal hiking partner. If that takes several months, we want to give you the best possible chance of connecting.

Hiking buddy needed realize that it's also possible that no matches will pop up regardless of how long you remain in the pool. T here is no limit to the of possible matches that Hike With Me may find for you during your subscription. Caveat: If a match turns up which is close to what you specified, you may be contacted via by Hiking For Her. You can green light, or say no thanks to, receiving the address for this potential hiking partner. If you're a female hiker near or over the age of forty, you can our Over Forty Hiker private community.

In addition to meeting a select group of female hikers, you can see if anyone is located near you, or has hiking plans that match yours. You might also meet hikers who tempt you to try new regions and locations with their outdoor photos, trail descriptions and friendliness. It offers a more relaxed space for sharing, learning, fun and encouragement. If you have questions that weren't answered here, please contact me. If you're ready to get started down the trail to finding your ideal hiking partner, up with Hike With Me. ups are paused at this time. Hike With Me works for experienced hikers who would like to mentor beginning novice hikers.

If you're interested in a thru hike this year or nextuse this service to meet folks who Hiking buddy needed dialed in on a specific trail. The success of Hike With Me depends on the level of involvement from hikers just like you. If you're serious about getting out more often on hikes, or want to enjoy longer hiking trips, use this fast and easy process to try to find your ideal hiking partner.

Hiking For Her reserves the right to change the policy and parameters for Hike With Me as needed to ensure a quality experience for everyone. Hiking For Her: Hiking tips you can trust! Over Forty Hiker Community. Hiking Toe Problems. Best Hiking Clothing. Sore Calves After Hiking.

Swollen Feet After A Hike. Best Hiking Jackets. Hiking Inflammation Tips. Plus Size Outdoor Clothing. Sore Feet After Hiking.

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Disclosures Privacy Copyright Media. Photo credits: All photos on this website were taken by David Midkiff or Diane Spicer except where noted. Start Here! The world has changed since Hike With Me was launched. Skip to: up What it is Who it's for How it works What it costs What happens when you up How you're notified of a match Things to note Common sense tips How long it takes How many partners you can find How to maximize chances of a match Over Forty Hiker community option for women.

When you see this, you know Hiking For Her has received your information and payment. A few tips:. All rights reserved.

Hiking buddy needed

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