Hot norcal man looking for ltr

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I love good conversation, laughter and learning -- from people, places, experiences, failures and especially my. I'm thoughtful, fun-loving, spontaneous, affectionate and a good problem solver.

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I look for the silver lining on clouds. I try to defend the underdog and right wrongs. I love to entertain at home or go out for dinners, concerts, the symphony, ballet, movies and dancing. I have travelled to and worked in several countries. I'm a devoted mother to 2 amazing kids, and have a fulfilling professional life as a lawyer and lecturer at Stanford on illicit art trade.

I am a very young 58 years old interested in someone between 50 - I am an atheist. I was raised in a non-religious protestant household and converted to Judaism for marriage, but am not practicing. I am a year-old physician in Montreal who loves her work delivering babies and caring for families, as well as running a medical training program.

My marriage ended inand I have just started trying to meet a new person with whom to share my life. I love Zumba, listening to popular music, dancing while I learn to cook vegetarian food, attending book club, playing soccer in my recreational group, going out with my many friends, and traveling. I am trilingual and am non-religious.

I am an American citizen now living and teaching in Shanghai, China. I think of myself as a creative person who has found a home albeit a sometimes uneasy one in academia. I do not practice a religion although I respect many people who do. I enjoy a good argument, a good laugh and reveling in the unexpected. I have tended to make big, noisy cities my home, I love, like many humans, both solitude and companionship, although I have a strong introspective side.

Very much open to sharing my three homes in the age of Airbnb, part-time in Asia and part-time in your part of the world wherever that may be. A sabbatical leave in quaint Kyoto, anyone? I am German meaning that I was born and raised in Germany. I have lived in the United States for a total of 15 years. The first time I moved to the United States was after medical school. I grew up in a catholic part of Germany and was raised catholic.

However, I am not religious. I have never been married and do not have any children. I live in Arizona. Enjoy exercise, Hot norcal man looking for ltr walks, nature, art, etc. Prefer dogs to cats, but like animals. Have enrolled in a variety of studies that feed the brain. Blessed to be at this stage of life, and try to remain grateful. Hoping to connect at some level friendship is fine with quality people whose values and manners show reverence for life and respect for others.

Welcome to my guilt conscious: I left Israel for Europe; a IDF soldier, currently residing in a city full of angels; Hot norcal man looking for ltr spite of my mother's endless efforts to teach me cooking I do not cook but bake; though an extrovert I am embarrassed to write about myself, especially here.

PhD visual culture, 5. I am a university professor, a native of a Latin American country who has lived in a several countries in Europe before moving to the US more than 20 years ago. I do not have any longer children living with me. I travel frequently because of my work. When not working, I love expending time with friends, yoga, art museums and exhibitions, lectures on politics and social issues, music of all types and reading.

I am a 59 y old atheist. I'm an attractive, very positive and passionate woman who lives life instead of watching it. I'm successful but down to earth, so am as comfortable going to galas as sitting barefoot in the sand. I regularly bike, hike, do yoga, and recently got back into tennis and skiing. What gets me excited? Im a sociologist and work on improving the lives of others nationally. I'm looking for fun, adventurous, equal love partnership filled w affection, humor dry wit is just a total turn out! I'm 52, going on 42 and somewhat spiritual but not religious.

West Lost Angeles. No smokers or long distance relationships please. I love entertaining dinner parties and attending concerts, theater, movies, and sporting events. I also enjoy traveling, dancing, and celebrating family events. Very attractive family law attorney, Georgetown '01, 50, 5'3, lbs.

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Let's have fun! I'm an extrovert looking to meet an outgoing guy. My regular activities include hiking with my boxer on canyon trails, working out, dining out and going to lectures and concerts. I love to be playful. I follow football and enjoy attending professional sporting events too. Skiing, visiting friends on the east coast and family in SF fill the rest of my weekends. But I still have time for you! Penn grad working in TV production. Positive energy and optimism with a healthy dose of good humor! I truly believe laugher is the best medicine. Looking for a companion who enjoys the outdoors, adventure and travel as well as music and theater.

Non-practicing Jewish woman, looking for a mate who also sees the glass half full rather than half empty. During this current challenging time of a pandemic, I look forward to chatting online and via phone until we're all able to enjoy each others company again!

Accomplished professional, 55, attractive, blond hair, slender, fit and athletic. Very smart, very warm, very loving. Passionate about the mystery of the psyche, the protection of mountain lions in the SM Mountains, and cities that never sleep. Love for kids and animals.

Sensitive, trustworthy and can think out of the box. Jewish, but no religious preference.

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Looking for a partner who is interested in a committed relationship and meaningful adventure. Helpful if you are not only smart, but kind, impeccably honest, thoughtful, wise, and love big dogs. I am 51, 5'2", maybe lbs. I have a successful business, lots of friends, and two little girls I see on the weekends. I am well-travelled, reliable, creative, open minded, resilient, soft-hearted, full of hope, and inspired by perseverance.

I take pleasure in small things like my hammock. I am not religious but I like to believe the Hot norcal man looking for ltr conspires to help us. Hello, I am a 51 year old living in Los Angeles, a transplant from Ireland. I am looking for a man between the ages of 45 and I don't practice any religion myself. I don't mind if you do as long as you don't expect me to participate. In my work life I am both a statistician and a psychotherapist. Loving; sometimes funny, sometimes serious; responsible, financially responsible, independent but also very social; well-traveled; enjoy indie movies and music, WSJ, historical fiction, biographies, and listening to podcasts on various subjects.

Take an interest in world events. Enjoy creative projects: deing invite for charity event, deing landscaping for a condo complex; interior and architectural de on personal projects. Looking for someone who fits this list. Petite, look like my pictures, athletic, youthful figure; casual chic, strongly feminine. Conversant in french, CFP, Like Scrabble, skiing, snow. I take people and other issues in life seriously. Not good at cracking jokes but love laughing at others' jokes.

Am Christian. I have a Ph. I taught 18 yrs at Northwestern, and now teach in California. I love to walk. I have no preference for race or religion and I am not religious. Attention, fellow OKC and Match. I'm an attractive, athletic, Yale-educated ER physician, 5'10" and pounds, 51 and look younger, blond and blue-eyed, divorced, atheist. I love classical music, hiking, deep conversation. I'm seeking congenial male companionship, and I'm open-minded about the form that may take. San Diego. I have no religious preferences in a partner but am quite spiritual.

Book and street smart, accomplished professionally and socially.

Hot norcal man looking for ltr

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