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Because someone needs to be physically present at the delivery location, at this time, NYSCondom can only process orders from entities or organizations that can assure that product delivery will be completed and received by your organization. Please note, it may take up to 6 weeks from the time of your order for supplies to be delivered. If your organization or entity is closed or providing limited in-person services due to COVID, please re-assess your current stock of safer sex supply items and consider ordering products at a later time. If you have any questions, please NYSCondom health.

This partnership will increase the of New Yorkers that have access to safer sex supplies.

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Its purpose is to increase the availability of condoms to prevent the transmission of HIV and many other sexually transmitted diseases STDs. Male insertive and female receptive condoms, when used correctly and consistently, are very effective in preventing the sexual transmission of these infections.

Through NYSCondom, eligible organizations may request free condoms, personal lubricant, dental dams and finger cots. These organizations then provide the condoms and other items at no cost to individuals in their communities. Although there are no fixed limits, supplies may be limited, and eligible programs should explore all options for acquiring safer sex materials, including commercial suppliers.

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NYSCondom should be seen as a complement to other resources. Because resources for NYSCondom are limited, we periodically adjust the size of fulfillments we currently limit the of supplies that can be ordered to 15 per item. This is in fairness to all agencies who request safer sex supplies and to make safer sex supplies available to as many organizations as possible.

Requests for NYSCondom supplies may only come from individuals who are specifically authorized by an eligible organization's Executive Director or deee as indicated on the attestation form. The Organization Information and Attestation form needs to be completed and submitted only once, unless additional individuals are being authorized to make requests. The OIA form may be submitted electronically or the document below can be faxed to or scanned to nyscondom health.

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Authorized staff can order supplies by completing the NYSCondom request form. Please allow up to one month for your request to be processed. You will receive a confirmation when your request has been placed, as well as another notification that your order has been sent to the distributor for processing.

If your organization wants to distribute condoms in New York City, you need to request them from that program. These businesses may also purchase condoms through commercial suppliers. NYSCondom supplies, including those obtained indirectly from eligible organizations, must always be provided to individuals in the community for free.

Individuals wanting condoms for their personal use should contact local eligible organizations. If they do not know of nearby organizations that may have these supplies for free, they can send an e-mail to NYSCondom health. There is a wide variety of male insertive and female receptive condoms, lubricant and other supplies from which to choose. menu. Questions or comments: NYSCondom health. Your browser does not support iFrames.

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