Santa wants to put some ho ho ho

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But Santa and Mrs. Claus are alive and well in Spryfield. By Darrell Roberts. A large red sack, holding sleigh bells and candy canes, is slung over one shoulder. His suit and hat are bright red with a trim of white fur. They could use a dose of Christmas cheer. He sees Santa and freezes. He stares, awe-struck at the sight of the fabled figurehead of Christmas. Merry Christmas! The sleigh bells in his sack jingle when he moves it adds an extra layer of magic to the costume. Lee knows the boy could be visiting someone with a terminal illness, or someone recovering from a dangerous operation.

This is probably a tough Christmas. Still, at least the boy will have the memory of meeting Santa Claus in the elevator. The doors slide open. Before saying goodbye, Lee reaches into his sack and hands him a candy cane. In the cardiovascular surgery unit, Lee meets up with his wife, Megan. She usually dresses up as the Mrs.

She hands him a stack of Christmas cards — each intended for one of the patients — and they begin to make their way around the ward. They joke and laugh with some, and listen to stories from others about Christmases long ago. In one room, an elderly woman sits by herself in a large reclining chair that makes her tiny, frail body look even tinier.

The sound of sleigh bells breaks the eerie silence, and then she hears him say her name. She turns, sees who it is, her eyes light up, and her slack expression breaks into a bright smile. Lee kneels down beside her and holds her hand. He gives her a card and a candy cane. Lee knows that no one likes to wake up Christmas morning in a hospital.

A visit from Santa Claus can awaken memories of happier times. Winter feels imminent. Megan puts Lexi in another room — she has interrupted live streams before. Lee jokes they should incorporate her into the act — they can call her Peppermint. On screen are two empty chairs, draped in red and green blankets.

In the background is a crackling fire with stockings hanging from the mantle. Still, there is something distinctly more jolly about him when he puts on the big white beard.

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When story time is over Lee takes off his hat and beard but leaves on his Santa suit. Megan changes out of her dress, putting on a simple black tank top and pants. In some ways, Lee and Megan are not a typical Santa and Mrs. For one thing, they are relatively young Lee is 39, and Megan Lee is a producer and production manager for Hot Country In summer he moonlights as DJ LeeMix. Megan is now a unit clerk at a Nova Scotia Health blood collection centre the hours are better than at the cardiovascular surgery unit. Lee tried the suit on for the first time inwhen visiting a family friend who was retiring from the Santa business.

On Christmas Eve that year, he dressed up as Santa and fooled some kids nieces and nephews for the first time. Now, Lee and Megan are professionals. Over the past six years, the Clauses have rubbed off on the Rodgers. Now he knows how to relate to them, get down on their level. For one thing, she swears less. Lee says that once they put on the costumes, they begin to embody the characters. This is not the first time a pandemic has caused problems for Santa Claus. The Chief of Police showed up and arrested Santa, stripping him of his beard in front of the horrified children. This year the Rodgers are dressing up as Santa and Mrs.

Claus with public health restrictions in mind. Lee and Megan are avoiding the usual crowded community and corporate events, and have instead booked socially-distanced and masked in-home visits. He believes, more than ever, that people need to connect.

They go too far and stop in a driveway to turn around. A woman stands outside on her porch, wearing a housecoat, her hair up in a bun. Her husband is sitting next to her, tinkering with something on a work bench. Their mom is the most excited. They pull out of the driveway and continue on. Santa is supposed to drive a sleigh pulled by reindeer after all, not a white Mazda. Walking to the house they wave to people putting up Christmas lights, going for walks, and taking advantage of one of the last warm days before the cold and wet Atlantic winter begins in earnest. Lee and Megan love getting reactions from strangers.

They often stop at a Tim Hortons drive-thru just to surprise the employees, or wave to people stopped at red lights. Earlier that day, they stopped next to a woman and her teenage son. The teen was wearing earbuds and slouching in the passenger seat. His mom pointed to Santa Santa wants to put some ho ho ho Mrs. Claus, and the kid grinned, giving a begrudging wave. Lee says this small event could have helped them connect. Lee puts the gift in his red sack and rings the doorbell.

An eager five-year-old boy in a Christmas sweater answers. The first thing he does is give Santa a big hug. He le them to an open living room with two couches, a small TV, and a lit artificial Christmas tree in the front window.

Next to the tree, covered in a red blanket, is a special chair for Santa. Char is snapping photos. Where are your reindeer? How did you get here? An international survey by a professor at the University of Exeter in showed that eight is the average age when children stop believing. Lee and Megan are committed to keeping belief in Santa alive. When kids ask detailed questions, they give vague answers to avoid ruining the magic.

They both remember when they found out the grim truth about Santa.

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Megan found a gift from Santa Claus before Christmas day, and her mom came clean. She was saying goodbye to a piece of his childhood. The spirit of Santa is goodness and kindness and love. Santa is in the childhood memories you carry with you. Every year on Christmas Eve, Lee still looks up at the sky. Liam asks if Santa has brought any presents. Lee gives him the gift he put in his sack earlier: a series of twelve books.

Liam is learning how to read. Liam is ificantly less excited by this prospect, but he agrees.

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Soon after Megan begins to read he becomes disinterested, and returns to the main attraction — Santa. In this way, Liam is a bit of an outlier.

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Santa Claus is an imposing figure. Over the years, Lee has learned to tone down his boisterous energy when meeting timid children. Still, they often tell Mrs. Claus what they want for Christmas, and get her to pass the message on to Santa.

If Megan ever decides she wants to stop, Lee probably will too. Despite how excited they are to see Santa at first, after a while many children grow disinterested or become distracted by new toys. Liam, though, is a Santa devotee. He shows them his outdoor swing set, and gets Lee to read him another book. Liam asks what kind of cookies Santa likes. Lee tells him chocolate chip or gingerbread cookies will be perfect. Newfoundland and Labrador and P.

Santa wants to put some ho ho ho

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Santa Claus