Sex party house Montpelier

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AP — Some Vermont lawmakers hope to make prostitution safer and remove the stigma that often prevents sex workers from seeking police protection and health care.

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A bill introduced last month by four female legislators would decriminalize prostitution, while the state would maintain its laws against sex trafficking. It would give immunity to people who were victims of or witnessed a crime while engaged in prostitution or sex trafficking so they can report it to law enforcement. That bill was referred to a committee on Wednesday. The push in Vermont is part of a small but growing movement to decriminalize prostitution that advocates say will bring sex work above ground, and help prevent sex workers from being assaulted, exploited and trafficked and keep them from facing punishment for breaking the law.

In New York, where a decriminalization bill was introduced last year, advocates are pushing for a repeal of criminal penalties for loitering with the intent to engage in prostitution. Andrew Cuomo last week called for passage of the repeal. A proposal to decriminalize the buying and selling of sex in Washington, D. And proposals in Maine and Massachusetts in recent years have not had traction. Changing the laws around the buying and selling of sex is an uphill battle.

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Que English in an editorial. The National Organization of Women is against full decriminalization, and instead supports removing criminal penalties for those who are prostituted and criminalizing the purchasers of sex and others who benefit financially from the sale of other people for sex. The World Health Organization supports decriminalization.

In Vermont, the chairwoman of the Vermont Republican Party declined to comment on the proposal. An was sent to the Republican minority leader in the Vermont House seeking comment.

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A phone message was left with Vermont Interfaith Action. Colburn said she believed it was time to start talking about the issue in Vermont. This story has been corrected to say that the decriminalization bill in Vermont was not up for consideration on the Vermont House floor.

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Another bill that would give temporary immunity to sex workers who are victims of or witness crimes was. Bill in Vermont would decriminalize prostitution. Connect with the definitive source for global and local news. The Associated Press.

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Sex party house Montpelier

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