Sexy soft stud looking to date

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Top definition. A soft-stud is a gay or LBGTQ slang definition that properly describes the attractive features of a feminine female that has man like characteristics or behaviors. The opposite of a Butch-Stud. More feminine than masculine, but masculinity is favored. Not all soft-stud women wants a relationship with a feminine woman. Jul 10 Word of the Day. Shrigma male.

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Shrigma male, also known as Shrigmus, is a male person that just doesn't care, and eats shrooms all day. It's a rarest male type that exists. Dude you're just cringe and don't talk to anyone. I don't talk to anyone because I'm a shrigma male.

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I'd rather have a real stud than a soft stud, soft studs are too much like femmes. Soft Stud. It's a Lesbian that dresses in men's attire, the man in the relationship - but acts feminine, wears some makeup sometimes, and acknowledges very well that she's a female and is happy about it. She may or may not date another stud either a hard stud or it can be another soft stud - doesnt matter But a soft stud prefers a Fem. Jul 10 trending 1. Watermelon Sugar 2. Ghetto Spread 3. Girls who eat carrots 4.

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Sexy soft stud looking to date

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