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First, though, I want to start this article by revealing the best thing you can do to make these shy guys unable to resist you. Your looks and personality are important, but not as important as how you make them feel. It all started when I learned about a deeply primal aspect of male psychology that few people seem to know about. If you can trigger this part of the male mind, he will begin to experience intense and overwhelming feelings of power and purpose.

But this skill taught me how to be taken seriously as a long-term companion. It is the 1 skill for attracting and keeping high-quality men into your life. To learn how I did it, click to read my personal story. Of course, it may be that this specific shy guy may already be head over heels in love with you.

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Read on to discover the s that this is the case. You have to admit that shy guys have a level of mystery to them that just draws you in. Have you perhaps found your mysterious special one or seen potential in a guy, but the reserved territory is a little out of your scope? What is even weird for him? One way to know if a man likes you is through his words backed up by his actions. While it follows that shy ones are like this in some ways, being outspoken about their feelings for you right away is a lot out of character for them.

If you want to know how to tell if a shy guy is into you, here are some useful s that should help.

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Shy people are not popular for their social skills as they generally tend to be timid around people. This may cause him to try sometimes too hard to hide behind jokes or a smile. On the other hand, not trying at all can also be a result of nervousness. He just sits in a corner, passively observing everything going on without actually interacting with you. You may have even caught his gaze once or twice. That right time, of course, is never early. He wants everything to be perfect when he finally says something, so he takes solace in stealing glances until an opportunity presents itself.

Just like he fidgets when he gets nervous around you, he does all these to avoid having his eyes betray his feelings. Do you ever walk into a room and catch a little sparkle in his eyes when he spots you? You may also find him smiling from ear to ear for no reason. If you want to know if this shy man really likes you, then make sure you pay attention to his looming presence around your favorite spots.

Most shy guys have their circle of friends with whom they get to be themselves without holding back.

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They talk more and are generally more expressive with those people, whether indoors or out in public. However, he could be cracking them up real hard or roaring with laughter then once you enter, it seems like he lost his voice. So make sure you Shy guy looking to talk to someone attention to how his friends treat you, you might just get your answer from them. You may find them exchanging knowing glances when you are around, or they continue to bring their friend up while he blushingly shushes them.

Perhaps one of them used to flirt with you but stopped and is now more polite than ever. The highest you ever get when you see each other at the coffee shop is a staring contest or a hello. However, over the phone, conversations between you really flow. The confidence that being behind a screen gives can be even more effective than the one he gets when his friends are around, you see. At this point, make sure you let him know you have noticed this phenomenon. A shy guy may not tell you straight up that he really likes you, but his actions can say plenty.

Shy people tend to avoid confrontation and may take it to the point of being unable to say no when someone asks for their help. You can tell if a shy guy really enjoys doing things for you. You may have heard that shy guys are great listeners when they are interested in you. If he gives you the impression that you can come to him whenever you need someone to talk to, that guy cherishes you. You may not be the most outgoing person in your group but still be way ahead of this guy in terms of being social.

If he attends a party you invited him to and actually spends time with you there instead of on his phone, then that might be a this shy guy likes you. Shy really people process things deeply, and it shows in the way they think. Therefore, when he gets the chance, he asks a lot of questions. Sometimes even singling you out among others. This is all in a bid to really get to know you down to what makes you tick. What do you think makes guys do that if not love? One way or the other, social media has a way of bringing people together.

It may not mean he wants you to have his kids yet, but linking up online is indicative of his interest in getting to know you better, at the very least.

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This gives him an advantage over men who try to impress every woman they meet with the same moves. He probably likes you if he started working out or dressing better after he heard what you said. Sometimes all you need to know if a shy guy likes you is to compare his treatment of you to other ladies. Or he likes to stare a lot at pretty people. Try this theory out next time he hangs with you and your female friends in a random place like a restaurant. And that brings me to this point because who needs to talk when his body is full of clues?

Does he blush or stutter when he attempts to talk to you without looking in your eyes? More often than not, when you like someone, being in harmony with them means more to you than being right. Though everyone likes to be appreciated, quiet people can act a little awkward when someone they like pays them a Shy guy looking to talk to someone. You might even notice him looking visibly uncomfortable if what you say catches him off guard. He might just be holding on until he can tell you feel the same.

They may listen to all your problems without shaking but draw the line when it comes to boy trouble. If you find him turning green with jealousy when you mention a date you went on or gets upset when you flirt with others, he likes you. Unfortunately, his need to please you may cause him to ride it out and never say anything about how seeing you with another person truly makes him feel. It might be summoning the courage to talk to a group of people.

Shy men are usually not as impulsive as their more outspoken counterparts can be. While a regular guy can walk up to you and strike a conversation on your first meeting, this one may take more time to observe you before approaching. And if that goes well, you may find him initiating conversation more as he gets more comfortable with you. The point is, it can be challenging for people like this, especially men, Shy guy looking to talk to someone be vulnerable.

They treat you with the respect you deserve, which is more than you can say for many guys these days. People connect faster when they have things in common; shared interests, similar hobbies, and the likes. He may also be waiting to know for sure if he wants something with you, or all he has is a crush. Finally, one that is as surefire as it gets that a shy guy likes you is when he tells you just that. Again, this is because he can be very protective of his feelings. However, when he finally confesses his love for you, the odds of him meaning every word are quite high compared to the fellow who says it to every girl.

It might help to draw him out of his shell more quickly if he gets some indication that you are also interested. Shy men show their love by doing what pleases you, even if it deviates from their norm or makes them a little uncomfortable. You may find him mingling more with your social circle, trying new things with you, and talking to you often. Since initiating conversation usually takes some prepping for this lot, he probably likes you if he does it often with you.

In contrast to those who can turn on the charm and roll out witty one-liners, shy guys are a lot tamer in their flirting. You may find him stealing glances at you a lot and looking away as soon as you catch his gaze. Shy people sometimes make the first move when they like someone but not all the time. The fastest way to get a shy guy to admit he has feelings for you has to be complementing his effort with some of your own. You want to share every part of your life with him and are eager to see him do the same.

So, does your shy guy like you? I hope this helps put things in perspective. If you liked reading the article, kindly leave a comment and share it thanks.

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Is there a shy guy in your life that you would love to get to know better? Are you wondering how he feels about you? I know because I learned how to do it! He gets super nervous around you 1. He hardly maintains eye contact 1. His face lights up when he sees you 1. He goes quiet when you enter 1.

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He offers to help you often 1. He hangs on your every word 1.

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