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In the early days of the coronavirus outbreak in the U. My remark revealed a naive assumption I had at the time, which was that all we needed to do to keep the novel coronavirus contained was follow a few simple guidelines: stay home when symptomatic and maintain good personal hygiene.

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The problem, I thought, was that nobody was following the rules. In the past few weeks, however, more and more reports have emerged to challenge my neat assumptions. The U. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a case study on a nursing facility in King County, Washington, where 23 residents tested positive for COVID, and it found that 13 reported no symptoms initially. Sixty singers went to rehearsal and followed all the rulesaccording to the Los Angeles Times — nobody hugged, shook hands or appeared ill — yet three weeks later, 45 were diagnosed with COVID or had symptoms of the disease, and two have died.

Or should all interaction be avoided? Should we start wearing masks to the grocery store? Was that policy wise? I decided to dive into the available data. That makes the virus a truly formidable opponent in our densely packed, globally connected world. Maria Van Kerkhove, head of the emerging diseases and zoonoses unit at the World Health Organization, told me that the WHO so far has found few truly asymptomatic cases, in which a patient tests positive and has zero symptoms for the entire course of the disease.

The WHO sent a team to China and visited community centers, clinics and hospitals, and transportation hubs. Of the 13 positive patients who initially reported no symptoms during testing,10 later developed symptoms. Tests that can look for these antibodies are now being developed in several countries.

People can also get infected if they touch a contaminated surface where a droplet has fallen onto and then touch their eyes, nose or mouth. We release respiratory droplets when we speak.

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That applies to the measles virus, for example, which is why that microbe is so incredibly contagious. The WHO says 1 meter, or 3. The CDC says 6 feet. So keep going out to exercise, the experts said. Maintain a 6 foot distance, at least. Studies are now finding that people are shedding more virus during early stages of the disease rather than the later stages. That study was published online as a pre-print and has not yet been peer-reviewed, but lead author Dr. Gabriel Leung, dean of medicine at the University of Hong Kong, said it has been accepted for publication in the journal Nature Medicine.

That sounds simple, but after our conversation, I was doubtful as to how to carry this out. Raphael Viscidi, a professor of pediatrics at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine who worked on a vaccine for the SARS coronavirus, notes that there are different standards being asked of the general population and of essential workers, for good reason. For sure, some people are forced to take slightly greater risks.

Leung, from the University of Hong Kong, is a fan of this idea.

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After months of saying that healthy individuals should not wear masks, administration officials are now considering guidance for much broader, communitywide use of masks, Fauci told CNN on Tuesday. In an absence of an abundant supply of masks — which, by the way, also need to be worn properly to provide protection — both the WHO and CDC stressed how important social distancing was. Not only can social distancing protect you as an individual, but the better the general public is at adhering to these guidelines and staying at home, the less virus will be circulating in the public to potentially infect paramedics, grocery store workers and public works employees and other essential staff.

We understand this instinctively. And of course, companies should have generous sick leave policies, so workers can err on the side of caution if they do feel unwell. And let us not forget about testing. At a big picture level, testing helps public health officials know where the disease is spreading and better allow them to direct resources and responses efforts.

I was wrong to ever think that curbing the novel coronavirus could be simple. It is truly a dastardly bug. Joe Sexton contributed reporting. The Connecticut Mirror is a nonprofit newsroom. If you value our reporting please consider making a donation.

You'll enjoy reading CT Mirror even more knowing you helped make it happen. Caroline Chen ProPublica. You must be logged in to post a comment. Advocates say some developmentally disabled people have struggled to get vaccinated. A federal grant is paying to address the problem. The effort comes as the highly contagious Delta variant gains a stronger foothold in Connecticut and elsewhere.

They put on pink hard hats and climb aboard to vaccinate merchant sailors from all over the world.

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Researchers have found evidence that landlord-related forced moves are associated with HIV sexual risk. You can do it while washing the dishes, horizontal in a hammock, or hydrating on the veranda in your Adirondack chair. New Haven residents recognized this legacy, too. As the dust settles on the legislative session, it is plain to see that Connecticut took a major step towards breaking the cycle of poverty, also known as the poverty trap, thanks to State Treasurer Shawn Wooden, the state legislature and Gov.

Ned Lamont. In a world of systemic oppression aimed towards those of darker skintones — representation matters. We are more than our equity elusive environments, more than […]. Shea is a story about race and social inequalities that plague America. Through my artwork I strive to create an example of ideas that reflect my desire to raise social consciousness, and cultural awareness.

Jazz music is […]. I have been taking some Pop culture […]. Show your love for great stories and out standing journalism Monthly Yearly. What does asymptomatic really mean?

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Want to donate my 6 day load tonight outdoors

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